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Monday, September 19, 2011

As promised...

Ok, as promised, here's an update! I'm going oldest to newest here, and this is only a few of the MANY things that need to be put here, but I have a massive headache and no more energy to get EVERYTHING up here all at once, so I'm going to do a few a day until we're all caught up instead, so that you have time to read it all instead of just skipping around. Before I do post this update though, I feel it necessary to add a disclaimer: Any misspellings, improper grammar, incompleteness, etc. have been intentionally left the way I found them in the letters, journal entries, emails, etc. You can point any flaws out to Elder Duncan...I types it as I sees it. Lol. Also, if you have ANY questions regarding needing translations of when he writes in Spanish, or terms and things that you may not understand even if you DO know the Spanish translation, or anything else you're concerned, confused, or just plain curious about, please don't hesitate to “ask your local Mormon” as Conor suggests, hahaha. Other than that, enjoy! :D

May 12, 2011 [journal entry]
Second P-day. Got a lot done for it being such a chill day. Emails printed, lots of letters written, laundry done. Did initiatories at the temple. Then yet another great lesson from Hermano Burrup. Doesn't seem like a lot, but 'twas a busy day for a P-day.

Friday, 13 May 2011 [letter to family]
Hello again, family,
So, I forgot to mention in my email how grateful I was for all of the letters that I have received. Please publish in whatever ways you can how thankful and appreciative I am for that, and I hope it continues. I'm pretty sure (though I bet the website would know better) that DearElder will still be effective in Guatemala. But again, I'm not sure, so I guess we'll see.
By the way, are you guys having a lot of troubles reading my handwriting? Let me know, because I can try harder to be legible, it'll just take longer to write these letters.
And, yes Mom, the package came, thank you so much, for both the essentials and the candy. It was really great of you to send all that stuff, though I sent the replacement head back because it's a Remington, and my razor is Norelco. Thanks though, the thought was much appreciated.
There's probably something else I forgot, so you might get a letter from me again. Just keep in mind the travel time frame I gave you, and I'll update you if there are any changes. Love you all!!!
Love, Conor
P.S. Hey Troy. Thank you so much for the shirt. It's so great to have been able to dress “normal” (aka button-up & jeans) sometimes. I really appreciate you giving it up for me. Love you.
P.P.S. Funny thing I forgot to tell you guys. Ya know that filtering water-bottle we got for me? They gave me the exact same one when I got here. I guess I've got 2. Hahaha.
Last P.S. The password to voicemail on the phone is [omitted]. [Lol, Troy gets Conor's cell phone line while he's gone, but he forgot to tell Troy how to access his voicemail system so that he could change everything for his own use.]

May 13, 2011 [journal entry]
After P-day, my second-favorite day at the MTC is Friday, because all our classes are done before dinner. Those classes were great, though, they always are. But then, after dinner all we have is TALL, then gym, then chill for the rest of the night, which has been great once a week.

May 14, 2011 [journal entry]
I was kind of upset with my district, myself, and whoever does some part of the logistics around here. Something happened that we didn't have a teacher for one of our 3 hour class periods. And I just went along with the rest of them in not telling anyone, and we basically wasted that whole time. However, Hermano Burrup turned around and did a great lesson, as usual. So the day wasn't a total waste.

May 15, 2011 [journal entry]
Yeah, I like Sundays. Meetings were great, this week focused on an awesome topic: repentance. And the Sunday Fireside speaker was Elder Cecil Samuelson of the Seventy, who was really good. Also, since this was our last Sunday in the Provo MTC, we got to go to Departure Devotional, which focused more on those entering the field, but was still great.

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